Gamebird Sales

All of your preserve needs can be supplied in one delivery. We are here to serve you with a good product and timely deliveries. Our customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Large orders can be delivered to your door for a minimal cost. We sell birds by contract, but for those not contracted, we sell on a first-come basis. Birds can be picked up from the farm 6 days of the week. No Sunday sales.

Our bobwhite quail originated from a wild strain and are grown in large, darkened houses. We feel our select breeding methods and growing conditions have produced one of the best birds available on the market.

We also have pheasants raised in outdoor flight pens. Our pheasants are great flyers, not the large, heavy birds you sometimes see. Chukars are hard flyers, making them an exciting target for the hunter. They are grown in our designed houses in dark conditions.

We have quail eggs and chicks available for sale from May through September. Our mature birds are available mid September through March.

We have been raising the best quality gamebird since 1979. All of our birds are tested to be pollorum free, and A.I. tests are performed every 90 days.

Picked up at the farm:

Hungarian Partridge- $9 each from Sept-Dec, and $9.50 each from Jan-March (minimum of 5)
Quail- $4 each (minimum of 20) and $3.90 for orders over 1000 birds
Pheasant- $9 each in September, and $.55 per month beyond (minimum of 5)
Chukar- $6.50 each (minimum of 15)
Quail eggs- $.30 each (minimum of 1000 picked up at the farm) Shipped quail eggs $.35 plus shipping
Quail chicks- $.55 (under 500), $.45 (500-999), $.40 (1000-up) We no longer ship quail chicks