What We Do

Hunting Preserve

Quail, chukar, and pheasant hunting

Preserve hunting dates: October 1-March 31
Morning hunts: 9-12 / Evening hunts: 1:30-4:30

Shady Knoll wishes to provide great opportunities for preserve hunting in a natural setting. Our fields provide great cover including Milo, corn stubble, natural grasses and pines. Our experienced guides and well-mannered dogs offer great help for a successful hunt.


Gamebird Sales

We have been raising the best quality gamebird since 1979. All of our birds are tested to be pollorum free, and A.I. tests are performed every 90 days.

Picked up at the farm:
Quail- $4 each (minimum of 20) and $3.90 for orders over 1000 birds
Pheasant- $9 each in September, and $.50 per month beyond (minimum of 5)
Chukar- $6.50 each (minimum of 15)
Quail eggs- $.30 each (minimum of 1000 picked up at the farm) Shipped quail eggs $.35 plus shipping
Quail chicks- $.55 (under 500), $.45 (500-999), $.40 (1000-up) We no longer ship quail chicks

Clay Shooting

Our five-stand course is designed for five shooters at side-by-side stands. Each shooter has five clays thrown at each station. Stations will rotate so that all shooters have shots from all angles. Six clay throwers have been strategically placed for different angle shots.  Our throwers release crossing targets, rabbit targets, incoming and outgoing targets, and springing teal. Call for more information on this activity.

Wobble trap: minimum purchase of 1 full round (50 clays) – $20

Five-Stand: minimum purchase of 1 full round – $10

Our five-stand field will be open Thursday from 1:30-until & Saturday 9:30am-2pm.

Please call for group rates and other available shooting times.